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by Aswin Nanjappan

Firstly, lets know a brief about Ajio. Ajio is one of the leading commerce platforms especially focusing on the fashion deeds of the people founded in the year 2016 as a part of reliance retail. It has started with a main objective of targeting fashionista. It majorly concentrates on stuffs related to clothing and wearables, and it doesn’t mean that it has stuffs only to people, it also has a wide range of products to change your house fashionable. So here we are going to see various sales to be offered by the company throughout the year and tricks to complete your shopping lists at a very lowest price.

Let’s have a look at the expected list of upcoming sales to be offered by Ajio,

Title Date
Ajio Pay Day Sale 1st to 3rd January 2023
Ajio New Year Sale 1st – 5th January 2023
Ajio Republic Day Sale 22nd – 26th January 2023
Ajio Valentine’s Day Sale 10th to 14th February 2023
Ajio Birthday Bash Sale 15th to 18th March 2023
Ajio Holi Sale 15th to 19th March 2023
Ajio Summer Sale 5th to 7th May 2023
Ajio Fashion Giant Sale 23rd to 26th July 2023
Ajio Big Bold Sale 1st to 5th July 2023
Ajio Independence Day Sale 10th – 15th August 2023
Ajio Big Bold Sale From 30th September 2023
Ajio Navratri Sale 25th – 30th September 2023
Ajio Diwali Sale 20th Oct to 26th October 2023
Ajio Christmas Sale 20th to 25th December 2023

Ajio New Year Sale (1st – 5th January 2023)

New year brings a way for new things, giving a fresh start with a better josh to it make us feel good and succeed with ease. In the same way getting every thing new this time adds more cherish to the person, it may be the outfit you wear, stuffs that surround you, or whatever thing that you use in your day. Shopping the stuffs, you needed at this time makes you feel comfortable as you have completed one of the major tasks to do with in the earliest time of the year, rather that buying your needs at some other days.

Also, you’ll be free these time since holiday so you could have a time to make better decisions and chose the actual thing you needed. So, add you provides the sale for a period of fight is from Jan 1st to 5th, ensuring you to not miss the sale and having a wide range of products with huge discounts and lot more.

Offers and Deals

  • If you are an ethnic guy, you should never miss out this 50% off during this sale on ethnic wear.
  • Flash deals on home décor under 1499
  • Jewel up yourselves with Zaveri Pearls, Minimum 80% off on it.

Ajio Republic Day Sale (22nd – 26th January 2023)

Republic Day is a day marking the nations patriotism, each and every individual will be proud about being a part of this nation. Usually, Ajio never forget to surprise us so it takes this chance to offer people a good shopping experience by hosting a republic day sale from 22nd to 26th Jan ’22 understanding the needs of the consumers it hosts its very next sale within a very short period. Let’s check the offers and deals.

Offers and Deals

  • If you are a fan of applique Tee’s you’ll get it at 50% to 75% off this sale.

  • 40% to 70% off on Kurtas
  • 40% off on footwear

Ajio Valentine’s Day sale (10th to 14th Feb ’22)

Thinking of surprising your partner, close friend, fiancé., Ajio helps you by hosting a special sale for Valentine’s Day, you could find a large variety of fashion options to gift your loved one and make them feel special. The sale starts on 10th February and lasts up to 14th February 2023, so hurry to grab the best deals.

Deals and Offers:

  • 40% off on IndoEra ethnic wears
  • 40% off on pantaloons
  • Brand offers on Ishin at 50% to 65% off

Ajio Holi Sale (15th to 19th March 2023)

Holi, a festival of colors is grandly celebrated on most part of the country, it’s the only vibrant celebration happening in the country. Ajio offers a Holi sale for making the colorful function with a set of colorful collection of dresses and ensuring the people to step out of the house for celebration. The sale starts on 15th and ends 19th of March 2023 providing great deals and discounts.

Deals and Offers

  • 30% off on western clothes like tops, jeans, etc.,
  • 50% off on Bata footwear
  • Brand discount of 50% on GAP during the sale

Ajio Summer Sale (5th to 7th May 2023)

When it getting hot, we realize summer is coming soon. When the climate switches there is a mandatory thing to be done in everyone’s wardrobe. Ajio understands the needs of people and offers a summer sale during the first week of may to fulfill the bucket list at affordable prices. The online platform also makes us to purchase our needs at ease. It offers a wide range of summer essentials for all categories. Let’s see the major deals and offers available throughout the sale.

Deals and Offers

  • 80% off on top brands like Puma, Biba, Levis.
  • 30% to 50% off on Tommy Hilfiger.
  • 30% to 60% off on Steve Madden Footwear.

Ajio’s Giant Fashion Sale (23rd to 26th July 2023)

Now we are about to see the biggest sale hosted by Ajio throughout the year, All the sales are special in its own way but this sale is an iconic sale hosted every year. Ajio scheduled it in the last week of July with huge discounts and offers on wide category of products. Just give a try during the sale to get benefitted from the sale. Let’s see some of the highlights happening during the sale.

Deals and Offers

  • Ornamentize yourselves with accessories with 70% off jewelry from Xaveri Pearls and Carlton London.

  • 60% off on clothing brands like Levis, US Polo, Rare Rabbit and GAP.
  • Create an account during the sale and receive rupees 500 on Ajio wallet.

Ajio Independence Day Sale (10th – 15th August 2023)

Every occasion brings us some surprise that we all feel happy, the month of August brings happiness in terms of Independence Day sale. It helps in fulfilling the cart of people for the festive or other occasional seasons. The fact is that we need no reason to shop but this festive season intricates us and makes us to shop all the needs one by one so we should not miss these days.

Deals and Offers

  • 40% offer on footwear brands on Adidas.
  • 30% to 60% off on Steve Madden.
  • 30% off on clothing from DeFacto.

Ajio Navratri Sale (25th – 30th September 2023)

Navaratri is an Indian festival celebrated throughout the country for nine days, you can buy a wide range of fashion accessories during the glorious days of Navratri. It allows a non-stop shopping experience this festive season without letting your wallet drained much. Let’s see the major highlights during the sale,

Deals and Offers

  • 30% off from brands like Under Armor, Steve Maden, Forever New, and Bugatti.

  • 70% off on clothes from brands like Vero Moda, Tommy Hilfiger, and United Colors of Benetton
  • Levis jeans from their fresh collection at 15% off during the Ajio Navratri sale

Ajio Diwali Sale (20th Oct to 26th October 2023)

Diwali is a festival of lights celebrated in various names in various parts of the country. The celebration involves the wearing of new dresses and burning crackers. You can buy dresses for your family and friends for gifting at a very affordable rate. You can’t find huge discounts on all products through the sale. Ajio hosts the sale for about 6 days ensuring sufficient time for buyers to get benefitted through the sale. So aware of the dates and pick your best buys all the way from Diwali sale.

Offers and Discounts

  • 55% off on ethnic wear

  • Brand discount on AKS clothing
  • Sarees from Indie at up to 70% off
  • Brands offers like Alankruthi, Alamod, and WHE at discounts ranging from 50% to 65%

Ajio Clearance Sale (20th to 25th November 2023)

Ajio offers a clearance sale on the last week of November making the users receive a large perk at the end of year. You have a large number of options to go with since mostly all the items are listed during this sale. So, it could be a great deal for those who missed all the previous sale to buy their essentials at a very affordable price. Keep the dates in mind for more benefits, 20th to 25th of November.

Offers and Discounts

  • 20% off on Mochi Footwear

  • Brand discounts from Avaasa ethnic wear starting at Rs.249
  • Fancy outfits of Indo Era at 40% off

Ajio Christmas Sale (20th to 25th December 2023)

Christmas is a festival celebrated on the birth of Christ all over the world, people will cherish the happy moments. Ajio adds more happiness by offering a Christmas sale allowing buyers to buy their needs at an effective rate. You can buy all your party needs for the eve during these sales. Let’s see the highlights during these sales,

Offers and Discounts

  • Stylish dresses from brands like Fig, Rio, Fusion, or Team spirit at discounts from 30% to 51%

  • rends, Outryt, Fig, and Fusion at flat 52% off
  • Muji, Swayam, and Portico offering everything under Rs. 1499

Ajio’s Payday Sale Every month 1st to 3rd

Ajio offers a payday sale every month to shop the most without spending too much. You can purchase all the products you need at better rates. This sale comes every month, starting from 1st to 3rd November 2023. If you want to know more, see the details below:

Offers and Deals

  • Shop for Armani Exchange clothing during the upcoming Ajio sale and leverage discount of up to 50%
  • We all love clothes of Allen Solly, so why not buy some stuff we have been eyeing on for a long time now? You can have it all at minimum 45% discount on Ajio
  • If you are a fan of the clothing of Rio, you must keep an eye on offer date if you wish to grab up to 60% off on all of its product

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Ajio Refund money?

A: Yes, they refund the money within 7 to 10 business days.

Q: How long it will take to deliver?

A: Ajio takes about 3 to 5 business working days to deliver

Q: What’s the eligibility for free delivery?
A: Ajio provides free delivery on selected products, or on products which cart value is more than Rs. 850/-

There are lot of sales offered by Ajio throughout the year, now you are aware of all the dates and sales so plan and schedule accordingly to end up with a pocket friendly shopping. Why waiting just skip on to the website and Wishlist the desired products and plan your shopping.

Happy Shopping!

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