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Best websites to buy eyeglasses online in India

Stop searching for the stores which  has limited eyeglasses . Wearing good glasses makes us stylish and give unique look to us. let us see some better collections of eye glasses in different stores.

  • Himalaya Optical
  • Titan Eye Plus 
  • Smart Buy Glass 
  • Lenskart
  • GKB Opticals

Himalaya Optical

Himalaya optical is one of the largest and fastest developing retail optical store in India. Himalaya Optical provide not only spectacles even for sunglasses and contact lens. Himalaya Optical products are quite expensive. himalayaoptical.com

Himalaya optical for Spectacle

Spectacle Price Purchase
Fila I024k Spectacle
RS. 4,650/-
Fila 9351K Spectacle
RS. 4,650/-
Fila I113K Spectacle
RS. 4,950/-
Fila 9349K Spectacles
RS. 4,950/-

Himalaya optical for sunglasses

Sunglasses Price Purchase
Guess 7014 sunglass
RS. 4,880/-
Guess 7815 Sunglasses
RS. 8,890/-
Guess 7820 Sunglass
RS. 7,980/-
Guess 6620
RS. 6,830/-

Himalaya optical for contact lens

Contact lens Price Purchase
RS. 2,000/-
RS. 2,195/-
RS. 2,000/-
RS. 3,000/-

Advantages of using Himalaya optical

  • Free shipping for all orders.
  • They provide 100% genuine brand products.
  • Lifetime Service Warranty for all products.
  • Free Gift on request.

Titan Eye Plus

Titan Eye Plus is company of TITAN , Titan Eye Plus is a marketplace with exacting quality standards, unparalleled in India’s prescription eyewear industry. The glasses are quite expensive. They also has sunglasses, computer glass, reading glass, contact lens. Site link(titaneyeplus.com) .

Titan Eye+ EyeGlasses

EyeGlasses Price Purchase
Titan Eye X Smart Frame With Fitness Tracker, Open Ear Speakers and Bluetooth.
RS. 9,999/-
Titan Black Wayfarer Rimmed Eyeglasses
RS. 1,299/-
FastTrack Black Wayfarer Rimmed
RS. 2,099/-
Titan Black Rectangle Semi-Rimmed Eyeglasses
RS. 1,498/-

Titan Eye+ for sunglasses

SunGlasses Price Purchase
Fast Track Grey Square Men Sunglasses
RS. 899/-
Fast Track Black Square Men Sunglasses
RS. 899/-
Fast Track Brown Men Wayfarer Rimmed
RS. 1,798/-
Fast Track Blue Aviator Men Sunglasses
RS. 1,798/-

Advantages of using Titan Eye+

  • One of the top eyeglasses brands in India.
  •  Polycarbonate lenses are often the best which is available more.
  • Exclusive Sunglasses – Up To 40% Off.
  • Flat 20% OFF On Contact Lenses.

Smart Buy Glass

SmartBuyGlass is a online retailer for glasses, sunglasses and contact lens. They offers a catalog of more than 80,000 frames for men’s, women’s, and children’s. This includes 180 brands, site link(smartbuyglasses.co.in)

Smart Buy Glass EyeGlasses

EyeGlasses Price Purchase
SmartBuy Collection glass
RS. 1,950/-
Oakley Crosslink Zero Asian Fit
RS. 7,893/-
Ray-Ban RX5315D Asian Fit 2477
RS. 7,224/-
Michael Kors MK4067U Santa Clara 3015
RS. 9,630/-

Smart Buy Glass for sunglasses

SunGlasses Price Purchase
Ray-Ban RB4259F Asian Fit 601/71
RS. 9,960/-
Arise Collective Rhode Island Polarized OV5186S C2
RS. 5,100/-
SmartBuy Collection sunglass
RS. 2,999/-
Arise Collective Rhode Island Polarized OV5186S C1
RS. 5,100/-

Advantages of using Smart Buy Glass

  • 100% secure checkout of products.
  • 24-hour support.
  • 2 year Warranty of product.
  • Get 50% off on 1st order.


Lenskart is an Indian optical  retail store for eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lens , computer lenses. Lenskart is the top retail store in India. The site link (Lenskart.com).

Lenskart EyeGlasses

EyeGlasses Price Purchase
Blue Transparent Full Rim Rectangle Eyeglass
RS. 999/-
Vincent Chase Online Black Rim Rectangle Eyeglass
RS. 999/-
Black Full Rim Square Eyeglasses
RS. 1,199/-
Lenskart Air Online Blue Transparent Full Rim Hexagonal Eyeglasses
RS. 999/-

Lenskart for sunglasses

SunGlasses Price Purchase
Vincent Chase polarized Black Full Rim Aviator Sunglasses
RS. 1,299/-
Vincent Chase polarized Black Full Rim Rectangle Sunglasses
RS. 1,599/-
Vincent Chase Gunmetal Full Rim Square Sunglasses
RS. 1,599/-
Vincent Chase polarized Gunmetal Full Rim Geometric Sunglasses
RS. 1,299/-

Advantages of using Smart Buy Glass

  • Get upto 70% Off on classic glasses.
  • Get upto 1 year warranty.
  • 14 days return option available


GKB Opticals is one of India’s first home grown Single Brand of  optical retail store. They have glasses for eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lens , computer lenses. The site link(gkboptical.com).

GKB Opticals EyeGlasses

EyeGlasses Price Purchase
RS. 3,890/-
RS. 3,890/-
RS. 3,890/-
RS. 3,890/-

GKB Opticals for sunglasses

SunGlasses Price Purchase
VOUGE VO 4104-S 5074H7 2N
RS. 4,952/-
VOUGE VO 4145-SB 280/8E 2N
RS. 6,690/-
RS. 5,810/-
RS. 6,195/-

Advantages of using GKB Opticals

  • One year insurance for the product.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • 12hr cancellation.


In above blog i has discussed about top 5 eyeglass retailers. Make use of the blog to purchase your eye wear and enjoy your purchase.

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