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by Deepak

If you are animae creators or who are interested in editing animae videos this blog is for you guys. You may think of creating your own animae characters but i don’t know to create. Is you are in that case this blog will help you more to get the knowledge of this. Let see about the site VideoScribe the best platform to create animation.

What is VideoScribe ?

VideoScribe is software for creating white board animation, which means creater physically draws and record the story along to the characters,  as well as many other animation styles are also available in VideoScribe. VideoScribe is easy, quick to create or use and inexpensive.

The official site : videoscribe

Why to choose VideoScribe ?

The main motive of animation is explaining the difficult things in easy way and should be able to make people think about your content it may be any social, comedy content which makes laugh and will become stress buster. To make these animation you should select the right platform to create it. I prefer VideoScribe as the best one. Let us see some advantages of VideoScribe.

Advantages of using VideoScribe

  • Easy to create animation
  • Can be quickly done by using drag and drop.
  • You can create animation in offline and store your process in online.
  • You can import many musical files.
  • You can get a high quality images what you create

VideoScribe Login

To login in VideoScribe you must have an account or else  create a  new account by the following step by step process.

  • Click the below link, you will be taken to the login page (videoscribe login).
  • As said before if you have an account then enter your username and password or select the create a new account option.
  • In order create a new account you must enter the information such as your  First Name , Last Name, E- mail address and create a strong password.
  • Agree the terms and conditions of VideoScribe.
  • The next step is option , you can check or uncheck the option for sending their tips, tutorials through online.
  • Then select create a free account.

Features of VideoScribe

  • There are 11,000 premium images, GIF and graphics.
  • One-click impressive animation styles
  • Over 190 royalty-free music tracks
  • Library of professional quick start video templates
  • Voice-over recording tools
  • A diverse range of drawing hands, pens and erasers
  • Choice of canvas type (Scenes or Infinite Canvas)
  • Access to VideoScribe for desktop and VideoScribe for browser
  • Range of different video sizes (16:9, 1:1, 19:6)

VideoScribe Animation

The maximum time taken to complete the animated video is maximum of 2 hours, it seems like its more time but to create a better animation video this time is moderate. To create a whiteboard animation it may take a month. Initially you can try 7 day free trial. In that free trial what you have created is come up with the background in watermark. To remove the watermark you should upgrade to plans. And according to plans you can get the features.

Top companies who used VideoScribe

  • Michelin
  • Deloitte
  • ALDI
  • NYC
  • LEGO

How to create animated videos ?

In order to create animation videos you need to create the templates in other apps or site but in VideoScribe there are more number of templates available as preregisterd. As there are many templates you can create what you wish and mostly the  animation can done in 5 minutes. Three are more templates and what they are,

  • Business & Marketing Templates
  • Educational & Learning Templates
  • Explainer Video Templates
  • Social Media Video Templates
  • Birthday and Celebration Templates
  • Info graphic Video Templates
  • Animated Presentation Templates
  • Animated GIF Templates

Plans in VideoScribe

The price of VideoScribe’s animation software varies depending on which you choose the subscription level plan. There are two plans one is monthly plan and another one is yearly plan.

Monthly Plan

The cost of the monthly Subscription plan amount is $20.65 per month.

Features of this plan

  • Removal of vedioscribe watermark.
  • Unlimited online support from customer care
  • Even you can work offline
  • You can download the animation video in multiple devices.
  • You can resell your content videos
  • You can download the video in high definition (HD).

Yearly Subscription Plan

The cost of the yearly Subscription plan amount is $9.44 per month and in annually $113.28 . get 54% Off on this annual plan.

Features of this plan

  • Removal of vedioscribe watermark.
  • Unlimited online support from customer care
  • Even you can work offline
  • You can download the animation video in multiple devices.
  • You can resell your content videos
  • You can download the video in high definition (HD).

Prons and Cons for VideoScribe


  •  It’s is very easy to use because it has drag & drop option.
  • You don’t have to have a background in animation or graphics
  • User can import & export scribe files, save scribe files online and can work offline
  • Download in multiple devices
  • User can sell animation


  • Only 7 day trial period instead of 30 days trial period
  • The user cannot resell their videos in the free trial version
  • Download to multiple devices is not permitted in the free trial version

VideoScribe Coupons

Get upto 25% discounts on subscription plans for videoscribe. There are many website that give the coupon and promo codes with more discounts. Grab the deals to the plans which will be more useful for purchasing.


If you are looking to edit the animation video, this blog will be very helpful for choosing the VideoScribe. Make sure of the blog on subscription plans and using coupons get extra discounts.

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