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by Deepak

Flights are the quickest transport though many people’s use to travel from country to country in the short amount of time. Time is precious one today, if you waste time it will degrade your career according you waste. Travelling in flight resolves the program. Let us see about the Emirates company.

What is Emirates?

Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East. The Emirates Group is a state-owned Dubai-based international aviation holding company. An aviation services company providing ground handling services at 126 airports. Airlines of Emirates fly to over 150 destinations across 6 continents, operating a fleet of over 250 wide-bodied aircraft.

Official site: Emirates

Why to choose Emirates?

  • Most of the people choose Emirates for their comfort ability, where space of the aircraft is more than other aircrafts.
  • People who travel on Emirates don’t feel any turbulence and it’s a consolation to travellers.
  • You know that the flight foods are not sometimes in good taste and quality, but in Emirates the foods are prepared by top chefs.
  • The steward/stewardessare very kind to the customers who travels on any economical or business classes.

Advantages of Emirates Flights

  • 1,000 movies and service that comes in many languages
  • Best class products and services in the air and on the ground.
  • Select your wisest Seat.
  • In the recent past, there has been no accident reported involving the Emirates Airline. High level security.
  • Cost of the tickets is comparatively less.

Emirates App

Use  Emirates app to reduce your tension. You can easily search and book a flight and check the flight status. You can manage the bookings, you can even find a hotel to stay and get inflight foods. The good news for the customers of Emirates is the app is available for both android and ios users.

Emirates App for Android – Android

Emirates App for Ios – ios

Emirates Flight Booking

Search your flights to travel for more places to visit or to your business career, you can travel without any tension. You can easily book a flight in Emirates, firstly to book a flight you need to search the flight. The interface of the search flight is quite simple. Simply you can select the departure airport and arrival airport. By using these you can see the available flights with the lesser cost and choose the travelling time and date.  And choose that how many passengers travels and also choose the type  of class whether economical or business class.

Emirates Payment Methods

Emirates flight travel more than 160+ countries, so it must adaptable for everyone for a easy payments. Emirates fulfils the customer needs for their comfort ability.  Let us see some of the payment methods which are accepted by the Emirates.

  • American Express
  • Mastercard
  • VISA
  • RuPay
  • UATP
  • EK

Emirates Manage Booking

You can manage booking on emirates by cancelling your booking, change your booking and seats and can upgrade your flight.

  • The main purpose to manage the booking is to edit and mange the travels needs on online. You can book even if you are needy for the booking for hotels. And you can book a delicious food which most of the airlines doesn’t provide at all.
  • You can see and print the documents if needed and can made changes booking.
  • Get 20% less than at the airport for extra luggage
  • You can save time for check- in online between 48 hours and 90 minutes before your flight. Also you can track on using mobile applications.
  • Before you fly you must know about the travel information and health. In travel information you can know about the guide to the dangerous goods , goods and notices and services and taxes.

To know about the forbidden things. Click the link to complete guidance (guidance).

Emirates Flight Status

You can easily check your status of your flight which helps you to save times efficiently. Without knowing the status you may wait on airport for more than 2 hours it may affect your travel. With knowing the status for flight you can easily manage time. You can check the status easily on the home page. If you have booked the flight you can verify it.

Emirates Flight Catering

The catering services carried out by Emirates is quite in high quality of foods. There are more than 11,000 people work for catering services. You can eat delicious foods on flight by booking foods. Their  Emirati Kitchen showcases the art of Emirati hospitality, renowned for its rich heritage of warmth, kindness, and generosity, forming the foundation of the UAE, a country recognised for its warm welcome to people from around the world every day. They understand that hygiene, food safety and quality control are crucial, not only to their reputation but also they are for their customer satisfaction.

Emirates Hotels

Book a resort or hotel to stay after your travel. Emirates provide you with a special category of booking hotels by booking a flight, you will get discounts according days you stay. Emirates show a lot list of hotels you can select any hotel you wish. Emirates show only the top quality hotels with good customer care. To book a hotels you need to choose the destination with time and date and give find hotels.

Advantages of choosing Emirates hotels

  • Earn Skywards Miles on every booking
  • Daily offers and rates to suit every budget
  • 24/7 contact centre support, available in 42 languages
  • Easy online booking

Emirates Flight Training Academy

In the Emirates flight Training Academy provide training for ones who wish join Emirates. The provide training with world class training equipments. This training helps you to become a very skilled pilot. To become a member in training you must be  eligible to some conditions and the conditions are,

  • You must be 17-26 years old, at least 160cm in height and medically fit.
  • You must have completed secondary education (high school) with passes in English, Maths and Physics.
  • Your English language proficiency must meet or exceed TOEFL 510 or 5.5 per element for IELTS or iBT 65.

Hacks to save money on Emirates flights

  • Fly to Dubai in the cheapest month of February 2023.
  • Use coupon or promo codes to get extra discounts on flights
  • Book a very early or late night tickets to pay amount less

Emirates promo codes

Use  coupon or promo codes on emirates to get discounts for your flights. This will makes you get discount upto 30%  on flights. Some airlines  do not  promote promo codes but in emirates we are lucky to get promo codes. Many trusted websites provide coupons  for emirates,  choose the right one for happy fly.

Emirates flight Prons and Cons


  • Seat comfort
  • Customer service
  • Legroom space
  • In-flight Entertainment
  • Value for money


  • Some of the price of flight is too high


Flying makes everyone happy. But we need to choose the right one right? The best solution of this is a Emirates, the best one. Their treating ways to passengers is excellent and to get discounts on travel use this blog to get extra knowledge.

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