Best ways to celebrate this valentine’s day with your loved ones

by Aswin Nanjappan

Generally on valentines day, people honor their love for one another by spending time together, sending flowers and sharing messages of love. But the real expression of love can be measured through direct eye contact, so it is always better to meet your loved one greet them and taking them to places and spending time together in happiness. This day of love is a wonderful opportunity to make your loved one’s happy by having a romantic meal, long drive, various activities, binge-watching your favorite shows, have fun with games and blissful dinner. This valentine’s day is an auspicious day to showcase your love to your partner and make them feel special. Fortunately, we have a compiled a wide variety of dating ideas for you to surprise your loved one which can be either spending in home or activities outside to make your moments special!

Valentine’s day date ideas

● Celebrate at home

Love puts the fun in together, the sad in apart and joy in the heart. There are some fantastic ways to spend your day at home. You can order a gorgeous bouquet of roses and present it to your loved one. These roses remain fresh and last for up to one year. So every time your partner sees that it reminds them of those favorite moments spent together. Expressing your love in the form of greeting cards which correctly conveys the message which your heart longs to say. And watching your favorite movie to spend your time close enough together!

● Take a long drive

Travel brings happiness. Exploring places will result in a refreshed state of mind. Take a fun ride with your partner to a place which they have never been to. All you need is an adventurous sense and a tank full of fuel. These trips cannot be erased from your memory henceforth proving to be unforgettable moments of happiness in your lifetime.

● Watching a movie together

Valentine’s day is right around the corner, so one of the best way to celebrate is by going to a theater and watch a romantic movie together. The beauty of picture such a nice experience that one must definitely go through. Else stay in home and watch your favorite movies in television or several other OTT platforms.

● Camping in a forest

Escape in to forest with your loved one and make this valentine’s day even more memorable. It is the idea suggested for those who loves adventure activities. Take a drive from your home to far off land prepare a tent, make the food your like, see the moon together with your partner by holding their hands. It will be an unforgettable moment in your lifetime.

● Playing tourist in your own town

Are there any local landmarks that you always wanted to go to? Transform as a tourist in your home town and visit those places with your loved one whether it can be a mall, beach, restaurant. The ultimate aim of this is to see your loved one happy!

● Candle light dinner

They say that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. So spend quality time with your partner by preparing a romantic valentine’s day dinner together. And light up candles around your dining table and have your food together. Surely, it will be a lifetime memory.

● Take a relaxing bath

Turn on the warm water add your essential oil or bath bomb and watch stress just melt away. By the way do not miss the romantic music.

● Go on a hike

Get your blood moving to heat things up in a more wholesome way. Take a scenic hike together and enjoy all the beautiful sights and feel fresh air. It will strengthen your bond while getting some much needed time away from your mobiles and computers.

● Recreate your favorite date

Take a trip down memory lane by recreating your favorite date, whether that is the first time you went out together or where you really fell for each other. If you cannot go to the same restaurant or location, get creative by cooking up the same meal at home.


Thus the ultimate aim of all the ideas is to make your partner feel special and showcase the amount of love you have on them. So make this year’s valentine’s day an unforgettable memory of your life. Enjoy the day to the fullest and leave only memories with your loved one. It is not always easy to put our feelings into words, but comes valentine’s day to express them in action. Make this valentine’s day to a memorable one.

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