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by Aswin Nanjappan

The internet renders human life simple from booking to shopping with the help of smartphone applications and websites. They make human life simple and easier. Groceries are an important item in the day to day life. Online grocery shopping in India in the year 2021 is a sector which has got developed exponentially over the years. This online shopping concept makes your purchase easier with just a few taps. It reduces the time complexity and makes shopping easier. The main advantage of online shopping is that it saves us from the pandemic disease which is widely spreading throughout the globe. It reduces the risk of getting prone to Covid-19 and of it’s several other variants. Moreover online shopping applications and websites have reached its zenith during this pandemic period.

Pros of online shopping sites:

● No need to stand in queues to buy your favorite and essential products. The shopping has been made easier by just a few taps from your smartphone or computers.
● Presence of virtual shelves which makes shopping even more easier. The grocery items are arranged and organized based on their categories for effective shopping.
● The delivery charges are quite reasonable. Since the need for online shopping is increasing day by day the number of consumers are expanding on a large scale. Understanding this phenomenon these stores keep their delivery charges at minimal cost.
● Avoids bargaining at retail shops. As these stores provide offers on a ready basis there is no need to bargain with the sellers. Instead use the offers and coupon code provided by our DealMela website and have a happier shopping.

We have listed you some of the top online grocery sites in india in 2022

➢ BigBasket
➢ Jio Mart
➢ Grofers
➢ Amazon pantry
➢ Flipkart supermarket
➢ Zopnow
➢ Nature’s basket
➢ Dunzo
➢ Instamart
➢ Big Bazaar


The most famous online grocery app in India is BigBasket. BigBasket works with the top brands in India to offer all online grocery store items digitally from new produce, fruits to dairy products. The advantage of using this app is that the customers can take advantage of an impressive and simple return policy. The covid 19 pandemic added additional benefit for the company, as it resulted larger sales since its formation.

Big Basket assures us that if it fails to provide the quality they guaranteed they will refund the money back. Our DealMela website takes you through the valid coupons and offers which is applicable on Bigbasket.

Jio Mart:

Jio Mart, the reliance industry has become an industry’s leading grocery market in recent times. The Jio company has begun to diversify their region of interests in many fields, online shopping is one among them. The company has improved its delivery timings and moving on the way to become the best online grocery shopping app in india.

Reliance Jio Mart has more than nearly 100000 items for online shopping, under a separate segment on it’s official website. Jio Mart is one of the most popular delivery apps because of its simple return policies and affordable price ranging.


Grofers is one of India’s top grocery shopping apps. Grofers smartphone app and website enable consumers to position online orders for supermarket items. This app is likely to be seen in the advertisements on televisions and youtube platforms. This shows clearly that they are focusing on marketing especially for expanding their business and ensuring their products to reach every nook and corner of our country. This delivery app in six different languages. The customers can save money by taking advantage of the interesting grocery bargains.

Amazon pantry:

Amazon Pantry, the world’s biggest e-commerce giant, began its online grocery shopping operation in India. After United States, India serves as their main client. The user interface of this app is simple to use which makes shopping even easier. Amazon has also begun to draw tremendous interest from Indian consumers with unique discounts on specific brand items. The other valuable features of this app are quick buying mode, a wide range of parties and different payment modes.

Flipkart Supermarket:

Flipkart India’s largest e-commerce company, is growing in popularity for its online grocery services. Flipkart is launching its online grocery shopping service with massive demand from customers and market rivalry. Like Amazon Pantry, with unique discounts for consumers, Flipkart significantly increases its grocery sales. This app has a special feature called “Buy now pay later”, which attracts people as they can buy groceries on credit and pay later.

It offers guaranteed products on all products and in the race for becoming India’s most popular grocery app. In many cities both home delivery and pick options have come into use.


Zopnow is a fast-growing online grocery shopping platform in India. Partnering with certain reputable hypermarkets to supply the items, such as HyperCITY, More and other supermarket chains. Unlike other online supermarket applications, Zopnow receives consumer orders and delivers the goods to doorsteps within 3 hours.

The company plans to extend its sector soon to other cities in India with stronger analysis and market expansion. The special features of zopnow are fast 3 hours of delivery, simple to buy and simple to pay.

Nature’s basket:

Godrej Nature’s Basket is a popular online grocery shopping app. Godrej Nature’s Basket planned to join the online market with the growth of the internet and cell phone use by starting their online grocery shopping website and mobile application on platforms for the development of android and ios applications. The online shopping app is reportedly only accessible in unique parts of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune. Nature’s Basket is likely to grow its market in other Indian cities with gradual improvements in the company’s online revenues.


Why step out when you get everything delivered home with a tap of a button? Dunzo is a grocery delivery service which will deliver groceries to your home within 45 minutes since the order has been placed. Dunzo sells cosmetics in addition to the fruits and vegetables. The payments can be made either online or offline. For exclusive offers and coupon codes available on dunzo visit our DealMela website for efficient and happier shopping,


Swiggy Instamart began operations in Gurugram and Bangalore in 2020 and has since expanded to 18 cities, according to the company. Swiggy Instamart is the platform’s quick-commerce vertical where it promises to deliver groceries and related items in a shorter period of time compared to conventional online grocers. This is made possible through a ‘dark store’ model, where third-party run micro-warehouses are set up across the city to enable shorter delivery times.The additional features includes instant delivery and its collaboration with swiggy which gives more popularity.


BigBazaar is an Indian grocery store that sells Indian products. Big Bazaar is an online retailer in India that operates as a chain of hypermarkets, cheap department shops, and a grocery store for clients. The former captain of indian cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has previously endorsed for the fashion vertical of Big Bazaar. You may be able to find high quality products on BigBazaar.

BigBazaar sells only Indian products and is available in various villages and cities across India.


Thus availability of these online shopping sites have made life easier and sophisticated. In addition to that it is effective to use these applications and websites amidst the prevailing pandemic conditions. Consumers can order groceries using the above mentioned platforms. These grocery sites are expected to grow more and more in the upcoming days. The products available in these websites provides to be fresh and safer enough to use. So enjoy the happier mode of shopping by using the given applications and websites.

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