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by Deepak

To create your own brand  1st  of all you need a domain name. If you are looking for the right place to purchase domain name and hosting a website the it’s a right place for you. Let see about the Bigrock for domain buying  and hosting sites makes easier.

What is Bigrock ?

Bigrock is India’s #1 Domain & Website hosting company. They  provides domains at the most challenging  rates up to 70 % less than other companies.

BigRock provides services like:

  • Domain registration
  • Email hosting
  • Web hosting
  • Website builder tools
  • E-commerce solutions

The official site link for bigrock .

Why to choose Bigrock?

Bigrock is the no.1 site in India to buy the domain name. They are legit company for buying domains.  Bigrock is known for its high quality products and services.

  • Greater Control and Flexibility  
  • Easy  Administrative Access 
  • Dedicated IP Address
  •  Effective adaptable 
  • They provide better security

Bigrock login

To purchase your domain you should first logon to the Bigrock site. Let see the step by step process to login.

  • Click the below link you will be redirected to the official Bigrock official sign up page. (Bigrock login ).
  • If you already had a account then enter your username and password. If not create new account by clicking create new account.
  • You should give two information for registration .1st is your account information and the other is contact information.
  • In account information give the First name and Last name and give your username and password which is used to login for the Bigrock.
  • In contact information give Country, state , city, zipcode, mobile and address.
  • After you filled all the details agree the license agreement.
  • Click the register button to register in Bigrock.

Bigrock Domain

The domains in the menu of the Bigrock is of three types.

  • Registration domains
  • Transferring domains
  • Addon domains


For registering Domains is has 3 different types, for registering for domain you need search for your domain name and give search it will take you next process of showing the price for the total of one year. Click the link to register domain in Bigrock (domain registration).

The next type of domain is the premium domains, you will get the premium domain name. Click te link to get a premium domain name (premium-domain) The advantages of the premium domain name are

  • Get instant brand recognition
  • Get instant creditability
  • Get valuable and memorable names.
  • Get High SEO potential
  • Get shorter domain names
  • Protect your brand

The last type in registering domain is the price domain name with more popular domain name and other domain names. The link for the price of the domains is in here (price for domain), just click the link to verify it otherwise you can take a look at the blog.

Domain price List

Popular domains

Domain Name Save on Multi Year Registrations Renewals per year Transfers per year
.com as low as Rs. 699.00 1yr- Rs.799-total 799 save 11%

2 yr- Rs.699 per year- total 1,398/- save 22.25%

1yr- Rs.959-total 959 per year

2 yr- Rs.899 per year- total 1,798/- save 6.26%

Rs. 899/-
.org as low as Rs. 759 1yr- Rs.759-total 759 save 24.02%

2 yr- Rs.999 per year- total 1,758/-

1yr- Rs.899-total 899 per year

2 yr- Rs.899 per year- total 1,798/- save 6.26%

Rs. 999/-
in as low as Rs. 75 1yr- Rs.75-total 75 save 87.05%

2 yr- Rs.399 per year- total 474/-

1yr- Rs.679-total 679 per year

2 yr- Rs.679 per year- total 1,358/-

Rs. 679/-
.online as low as Rs. 99 1yr- Rs.99-total 99 save 95.94%

2 yr- Rs.800 per year- total 899/-

1yr- Rs.2,439-total 2,439 per year

2 yr- Rs. 2,439 per year- total 4,878 /-

Rs. 2,439/-
.link as low as Rs. 79 1yr- Rs.79-total 79 save 88.7%

2 yr- Rs.699 per year- total 778/-

1yr- Rs. 699-total 699 per year

2 yr- Rs.689 per year- total 1,378/- save 1.43%

Rs. 699/-
.net as low as Rs. 949.00 1yr- Rs.949-total 949/-

2 yr- Rs. 949 per year- total 1,898/-

1yr- Rs.899-total 899 per year

2 yr- Rs.899 per year- total 1,798/-

Rs. 949/-
.tech as low as Rs. 119 1yr- Rs.119-total 119 save 96.52%

2 yr- Rs.880 per year- total 999/-

1yr- Rs.3,419-total 3,419 per year

2 yr- Rs. 3,419 per year- total 6,838/-

Rs. 3,419 /-
.biz as low as Rs. 1249.00 1yr- Rs.1,249-total 1,249/-

2 yr- Rs. 1,249 per year- total 2,498/

1yr- Rs.1,199-total 1,199 – per year

2 yr- Rs. 1,199 per year- total 2,398/-

Rs. 1,249 /-
.me as low as Rs. 599 1yr- Rs.599-total 599 save 50.04%

2 yr- Rs.1,199 per year- total 1,798/-

1yr- Rs.859-total 859 per year

2 yr- Rs.859 per year- total 1,718/-

Rs. 1,199 /-

Domain Transfer

Domain bigrock

Transfer your domain name to new one by clicking the link you will direct to the official page to transfer domain name. (domain-transfer) . The advantage of transferring your domain name in Bigrock is

  • Get  15% Off on free one year extension for your domain name.
  • Risk free transaction process
  • Port your domain name over without any issues to your visitors.

Get free services worth of  RS.5000 with every domain when you register on bigrock

  • Get 2 free email accounts with 100 Mb .
  • Easily manage your DNS records.
  • Automatically forward people to any website you want on typing your domain name in a browser.
  • Domain Theft Protection
  • Easily manage your domain name 
  • Dedicated customer care support

Bulk domain transfer

Bulk domain name transfer is also available on Bigrock by clicking the link (bulk domain name transfer) and will direct you to the bulk transfer page enter your username and password and do the steps to transfer the domain name. 

You can use suggestion tools for choosing your domain with the help of the link (suggestion-tool).

Bigrock Hosting

Hosting  menu on Bigrock is divided into three namely,

  • Shared hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Specialized hosting

In shared hosting is further divided into three firstly Linux hosting to get full featured Linux plans. The official link for linux hosting is (linux-hosting).

Features on getting Linux plans

  • Get Unlimited domain and email address
  • Immeasurable SSD Disk space and Bandwidth
  •  99.9% uptime with best in class support
  • It is powered by Cloud Linux, cPanel(demo), Apache, MySql, Php, Ruby and more
  • 30 day money back guarantee.

Plans for Linux hosting

Windows Hosting

In shared hosting the other type is Windows hosting to get full featured windows plans. The official link for windows hosting is (windows-hosting).

Features on getting Windows plans

  • Disk space, bandwidth, email address
  • 99.9% uptime with best in class support
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Powered by windows 2012, Plesk(demo),, MySql, Php, IIS and more

Plans for windows Hosting

Website Builder

In shared hosting the other type is Website building to build your own websites in minutes. The official link for Website building is (website-builder).

Plans for website builder

Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting is a part of hosting in bigrock before we saw shared hosting this is reseller hosting it is also divided into two. One is Linux Reseller Hosting and other one is windows reseller hosting.

Linux Reseller Hosting

Start your hosting business powered by WHM today. To use the Linux  Reseller Hosting is by clicking the link linux reseller-hosting .

Features on getting Linux Reseller plans

  • Servers are designed to provision immediately
  • The servers are powered with increased flexibility and control
  • Hosting package comes with cPanel, to manage your website.

Plans for Linux Reseller Hosting

Windows Reseller Hosting

Start your hosting business with plesk. To use the Windows Reseller Hosting is by clicking the link windows-reseller-hosting .

Features on getting Windows Reseller plans

  • Your packages are powered with increased flexibility and control
  • Instant provisioning 
  • Easy control panel

Plans for Windows Reseller Hosting

There are specialized hosting also for word Press, CMS hosting , e-commerce hosting.

Word Press Hosting

For access word press click the link  wordpress-hosting.

Plans for Word Press

CMS Hosting

For accessing CMS hosting click the link  cms-hosting .

Plans for CMS Hosting

e-commerce hosting

For accessing e-commerce hosting click the link ecommerce-hosting .

Plans for e-commerce Hosting

Bigrock Coupons

Use coupon codes or promo codes for extra discounts on domain name or to web hosting upto 30% Off. To get coupons for bigrock dealmela is the best site to purchase coupons.

Click the link to purchase coupon on dealmela  coupon link  .


Bigrock is the best place to purchase domain name and hosting webs. In the blog i have discussed about plans for each hosting and use promo codes form dealmela for extra discounts.

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