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by Deepak

English grammar is complicated.Besides that, there are some factors that cause difficulties in grammar such as word-order interference, tense-form interference, overgeneralization etc., When words are not in their appropriate order, meaning of the sentences becomes distorted. It may become difficult to under to readers. English speakers are very aware of grammar and will notice almost immediately if a grammatical error is made by who type the content.

Grammarly explained

Grammarly is a cloud-based typing assistant  that reviews the spelling of the word , grammar mistakes in sentences, punctuation in needed sentences, clarity of the messasge , engagement, and delivery mistakes are cleared . It uses AI(Artifial Intelligence) to identify and search for an replacement for the error it detects .Grammarly helps users to achieve their goals and to improve the writing in essays, reports and for applications. use grammarly on mobile with the below link to download the app .

Link: Grammarly App

What is the purpose of grammarly

Grammarly for Windows or Mac, and get writing suggestions of the word across a wide array of desktop apps and websites. This includes: MS Office suite (Word and Outlook). Hundreds of desktop native apps including Slack, Discord, and Apple Mail .As of 2022, it is available as a downloaded program for use with desktop applications, as a browser extension, and as a mobile phone keyboard. Grammarly suitable mostly for students, bloggers, freelance writers, businesses, and academics

Grammarly for chrome

Grammarly helps you to write error-free in Gmail, Facebook, Twitter for posting tweets, LinkedIn, and any other app you use offically. Grammarly makes sure everything you type not only upholds accurate spelling, punctuation, and grammar, but is also clear, compelling, and easy to read. There is a Grammarly app for both ios and for android you can use after logging grammarly.

Free grammarly online assistant

Generally grammarly Assistants are digital tools,designed to catch these types of grammar and writing errors and to help direct you towards better writing in general. The assistant is available for free. To use Grammary assistant, simply click the below link which will direct you to assistant were you can upload the Docs and can check the document and download for free.

Link : grammarly

Grammarly Subscription Plans

Free Free Basic writing suggestions and tone detection
Premium Rs.960/- Clarity, vocabulary, and tone improvements
Business Rs.1199/- Features for teams, organizations, and enterprises

What does grammary premium have

  •  Clarity
  • Vocabulary
  • Tone Improvements

For Premium plans click below link to get started,

Grammarly Premium

Grammarly business subscription

For Business plans click below link to get started,

Bussiness Subscription

Free Grammarly Subscription:

Grammarly Business account subscription cost is around Rs.1190 , and you can get it for free using these steps

  • First Open Grammarly official account on site.
    Link :
  • Now create a new Grammarly account .
  • Select any grammarly premium /Business subscription option from the list.
  • You will see 7 days free trial options.
  • Click On it & Continue.
  • Now enter your credit card details & start to enjoy a 7 day free .
  • You can cancel plan at any time.

Advantages of use the grammarly application

  • It is free
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent error correction
  • Supported for both android & ios

Grammarly FAQs

  1. Does Grammarly bill you all at once?
    Ans : Grammarly will charge you monthly (or quarterly or annually, depending on your plan) on the date you signed up).

  2. Which Grammarly plan is best?
    Ans : The best value comes from Grammarly’s annual plan. They charge one payment of $139.95. That breaks down the Grammarly price to $11.66 per month. If you’re looking to subscribe quarterly, it’s a one-time payment of $59.95, and that covers you for four months.


It doesn’t matter whether if you want to write flawless content, improve your writing by using better vocabulary, It is a perfect tool to make needed corrections . It is mainly helpful for non-native English speakers.  Also make use of the subscription plans which is explained briefly .

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